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     My name is Charity Berry and I am the  founder of The Berry Good Elixir company. I am a certified natural health consultant/mentor and trained herbalist. I live with my husband Scott and 11 year old son Matthew in Greenbush, Maine.

  In addition to being a Natural Health Consultant  I am certified in many areas of study including, Plant based Medicine, Combating disease with herbs, Epigenetics, Plant based Nutrition, Cancer in the 21st century and Exercise RX for the prevention and treatment of disease to name a few. For the last 5-6 years my studies have had a big focus on nutrition and weight loss, herb synergy, cancer and many childhood issues such as ASD, childhood obesity and diabetes.

   How it all started, As I studied natural health and herbal medicine I was excited about adding herbal supplements to our family diet, but as I started looking, I was frustrated by the lack of availability of quality, organic plant based products. None of the formulas I looked at ever seemed to have the right recipe or the right quality for my own personal standard.

    As a trained herbalist, I started making my own herbal supplements for my family, friends and consulting clients. Everyone loved my remedies and raved about their results. Finally in February of 2018, we took a leap of faith and started "The Berry Good Elixir Company," offering my own private formulas to the public for the first time on our new website.Two years later we're still going strong with over 30 formulas available and more on the way. We are very thankful for all our loyal customers that have watched us grow over the past two years. We welcome you to our site today and invite you to take your time, read all the reviews, related blogs and articles we have provided. Ask me any questions about our current products or about formulating something custom, just for you. I can be reached by phone (207)217-8274 or on our Facebook page. Try some of our supplements today and see for yourself why our customers love our products and keep coming back for more. You will love your results, I guarantee it!


Charity Berry

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