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Herbal Raw Honey Infusions

Herbal Raw Honey Infusions

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We start with our amazing raw unfiltered Maine Wildflower honey and add potent healing herbs and spices for optimal wellbeing and your taste bud’s delight. They make amazing gifts of health for everyone or just for your own medicine cabinet! Choose your options below click on herb to read more about their benefits

Herbs used:   Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cloves, Orange Peel, Dutch Cocoa Raw cacao nibs, Lavender Sage, Elderberry Echinacea Pine Needle, Lemon peel Ginger Root Cayenne, Turmeric Black pepper Chamomile, Hibiscus flower lemon peel rosehips orange peel lemongrass.

We use whole organic Madagascar vanilla beans, organic herbs, roots and spices, organic citrus peels and whole organic cacao nibs .. nothing is fake or chemical laden and we never take short cuts! 
These are gifts everyone LOVES to receive 


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