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Why are my children always sick.....

From the moment they are born we only want to protect them


So many parents get stuck chasing treatment after treatment for their child's symptoms. But this is the WORST thing parents can do in the short AND long-run as well as being a complete waste of money and time.

The reason? It's not addressing the ROOT CAUSE or fixing anything at best. At worst you end up adding new issues as more n more systems are prevented from doing their jobs properly. Not to mention the stress, worry and financial drain

That's where my clients differ. By addressing the root causes of why their child catches every bug that goes around, they’re able to make an immediate and lasting impact on their child’s resistance to illness.


I know, I know, nothing else has worked. Most parents feel like they've tried it all already, and question whether there really is a way off this roller coaster of sickness. We’re led to believe that it’s normal.. that children are just little germ carriers and it’s just a part of life for them to be sick the whole school year...

The good news is, there IS a way to get off the roller coaster

My philosophy ( not just mine 😉 ) is that the human body was by design created to heal itself. I will show you how to bulletproof a child to illness, and care for them with 100% confidence and clarity that you're doing exactly the right thing for their health. The first thing to think about is, is what is being recommended to treat the symptom something to stop the symptom or something to fix what is CAUSING the symptom? The body is a self healing machine and most of our “modern day” (read archaic and unscientific) methods of “treating” illness would have Hippocrates rolling in his grave with digestive unease ( and not from a deficiency in Prilosec)

My aim is to get people thinking for themselves again.. to get people questioning methods that are clearly not working! The human body wasn’t meant to be diseased and in pain, and if the methods you’re using to correct one issue are causing other different issues.. these aren’t just “normal side effects“ to be endured for the greater good...stop settling for illness and pain. I promise you, there’s a better way.



Berry Good Thoughts...

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  • Hey ! Could you tell me more about bullet proofing my kids and keeping them healthy ? Also could you tell me what i need to do to keep my self healthy my brother at 45yrs old passed away last year from cancer or should i say from chemo ! I would like to know what i need to take or lifestyle changes i need to make to help me prevent illness . im not on any kind of medication i really dont do doctors. Thank you for your time . Kelli

    Kelli Pentecost-Pesnell

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