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What is in your allergy/asthma medication?


One of the scariest things I hear on a daily basis is my child has asthma. As a parent, there aren't many thoughts scarier than the thought of my child not being able to breathe. The statistics are mind blowing. In the United States, about 20 million people have asthma. Nearly 9 million of them are children. Children have smaller airways than adults, which makes asthma especially serious and dangerous for them. Children with asthma may experience wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and trouble breathing,  especially early in the morning or at night. They state they do not know what causes Asthma BUT 19 separate studies that have been widely accepted by the scientific community show that babies, children and adults alike who use or are given acetaminophen have an enormous increased risk (47-60% depending on the age) of having asthma or of worsening symptoms of asthma, included in the study were women who used acetaminophen while pregnant. 

The numbers show approximately 3 million cases diagnosed yearly in the United States with approximately 4210 deaths per year in this country alone. 

As a parent of a child who was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma a couple years ago I too was in the scary place of navigating the information out there to ensure my son was not in danger. When my child's doctor's first solution was to give him an oral steroid and a steroid pump I knew that we would be going in another direction, but I still hadn't really delved into allergy or  asthma medications and how they worked and what the common side effects were, I knew what steroids do to the body and that was enough for me. As I started digging into the common medications prescribed for allergies and asthma I was absolutely appalled. One of many things I learned was that the inhaler he wanted me to give my son (lets just say it rhymes with bad hair) had a list of common side effects that made me question whether ANYONE is ever really policing these pharmaceutical companies and are in the list below.


Common   (" bad hair") side effects may include:

  • headache, muscle pain, bone pain, back pain;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • thrush, throat irritation;
  • ongoing cough, hoarseness or deepened voice;
  • cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat ; or.
  • ear infection (in a child) - fever, ear pain or full feeling, trouble hearing, drainage from the ear, fussiness
  • Upper respiratory tract infections

So that just confirmed my decision but it got me curious as to what else was being prescribed commonly 

Dupilumab ( the generic form of a brand name I won't use to avoid a possible lawsuit) is one such medication.

Listed common side effects include:

More common

  • Blistering or crusting of the skin
  • itchiness, redness of the eyes
  • excessive tearing
  • painful cold sores or blisters on the lips, nose, eyes, or genitals
  • reddening of the skin
  • scaly patches on the skin
  • sores or white patches on the lips, mouth, or throat

Less common

  • Black, tarry stools
  • burning or dry eyes
  • chest pain
  • chills
  • cough
  • fever
  • pain or swelling of the eye or eyelid
  • painful or difficult urination
  • sore throat
  • swollen glands
  • unusual bleeding or bruising
  • unusual tiredness or weakness

My questions to you are,  how many of you have a Dr. who explained these side effects to you before prescribing a medication for your or your child's allergies or  asthma?

How many of your Dr.s informed you of the foods or medications that hugely affect allergies and asthma and are triggers ? 

How many of your Dr.s do you know or would you guess have actually even tried to learn or seek out this knowledge?

Now many of you may realize where my need to question comes from. 

Since breathing is a pretty important part of life, I got to work.. I learned some horrible things that made me feel not only inadequate as a mother but horrifically guilty. One thing I have also learned in life is that I couldn't get stuck feeling guilty about actions in the past when I didn't know the information I do now. You absolutely have to get past berating yourself or even others for information that you or they do not know. My goal was to do everything I could do to fix what I had possibly, inadvertantly helped cause through my ignorance and total trust in a system that fails us all every single day.

We have to be our own and our children's advocates when dealing with a for profit system that would go out of business if we were all actually well. 

So lets talk about some of these allergy medications too..

* from the manufacturers website.

Rhymes with " Slow days"  (for children) ( funny the ad says a "gentle mist that moms recommend").


  • Sudden swelling of the face or tongue
  • A rash
  • Wheezing or feeling faint

If your child feels any of these symptoms, stop using Children’s " Slow days"  and see your child’s doctor right away.

Nose injury

  • Severe or frequent nosebleeds
Apply pressure to their nose. Stop using Children’s " Slow days" and see your child’s doctor right away. 
  • Constant whistling sound that does not go away

This could be a sign of damage to your child's nose. Stop using Children’s " Slow days"  and see your child's
doctor right away.

Eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma

  • Cloudy vision
  • Reduced vision

Schedule a yearly eye exam for your child to check for these conditions. Read the Drug Facts on the back of the Children’s " slow days" package for more details.

Growth effects

  • Slower growth rate in some children while using product

Talk to your child’s doctor if you are concerned or if your child is between 4 and 11 years of age and needs to use Children’s " slow days" for longer than 2 months a year.

Other side effects

  • Headaches or sneezing
  • Bad taste or smell
  • Minor nosebleeds
  • Dry or irritated nose or throat

Talk to your child’s doctor or pharmacist if you
are concerned. 

This last one always gets me, anytime I've talked to either one about medication concerns I am just told all the things that should ( and probably do for many) convince me that it's a perfectly safe and acceptable risk to take.

Let's look at another, this one states its the #1 Pediatrician recommended product for children's allergies.. this one rhymes with Sheraton ;-)

Children's " Sheraton" side effects

Side effects include:

Children 2–5 years of age receiving oral solution: Diarrhea, epistaxis, pharyngitis, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, stomatitis, tooth disorder, earache, viral infection, rash.

Children 6–12 years of age receiving oral solution: Nervousness, wheezing, fatigue, hyperkinesia, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis, dysphonia, upper respiratory tract infection.

Adults and children ≥12 years of age receiving conventional or orally disintegrating tablets: headache, somnolence, fatigue, dry mouth.


 Yet this is the number one pediatrician recommended medication. 

My point is that every chemical medication I have ever encountered or studied does as much or more damage to the body as what we are often trying to address. Every chemical medication we take, slows stops or damages a metabolic process in the body. Are there medications that save lives, undoubtedly. Are there medications that do irreparable damage and cause lifelong medical issues? Absolutely.

To me, the next ( or first ) most important question to ask yourself is, are there things I can do or take or give my child that help support the natural processes of the body instead? And this is exactly what I did.

I have (and continue to) studied every herb I could find that deal with allergens (outdoor, indoor, chemical and organic), histamine production and overproduction, lung function and repair, excess mucous production and hardening, chronic lung and bronchial infections, and probably any other thing to do with breathing or not breathing that you can think of...like how crucial  the right amount of oxygen getting to each of our 32 trillion cells is and how any deprivation of oxygen damages those cells sometimes irreparably. 

I want you as parents and people to know there are better options out there and to question every pill, liquid or pump ever recommended.

The day my son's Dr recommended a week long series of steroid pills along with an inhaler 2x daily (the same Dr who knew my son had never even had an antibiotic) I knew that that wasn't going to happen. I had only gone to the Dr to rule out what I had already ruled out at home...it wasn't viral and it wasn't bacterial. I was at my wits end and was considering mold testing but it had been so sudden that I had my doubts that was what we were dealing with. I went home that day and after working all day through the night and the next day had created our Allergy Elixir. The real test was going to be my son. I was blown away by the IMMEDIATE results. Within 2 minutes of a dose, the cough that stole his breath, and was seemingly unstoppable once started, stopped. He hated the taste ( yeah it's not yummy ) but surprised me beyond measure that after the first use though rife with complaints, he willingly took another when it was time, every time.

It wasn't long before he was helping himself to a dose as needed, taste be damned. In the beginning he was using it 3-5 times a day but we quickly noticed (within 2 weeks or so) that he was taking it 1-2 times a day instead of 5. After 4-5 months he was taking it a few times a week and we were overjoyed but I was willing to attribute a lot of that to the seasons changing. I was a bit nervous when the season changed again and wondered if it had all been a fluke. Except in those months, more and more people were ordering and reordering it and writing to me with incredible results. When the season changed again ( that first week), he went back to taking it daily usually 1-2 times, for about a week. After that he was back to taking it only when he had symptoms.  We still cannot go to any hotel or motel without bringing it along. Right now ( more than 2 years later) during some of the worst allergy triggers and pollen counts being through the roof, he still has not reached for any, nor have I heard him coughing. I and my husband still take it once or twice a day mostly because of the added benefits it has, one being no more sinus headaches for my husband who used to be plagued by them. 


If you still aren't ready to try OUR Allergy Elixir (or even if you are) then research for yourself what measures you can take to avoid these horribly dangerous, yet generally regarded as safe ( or gras as the industry calls it ) by the medical industry, medications. 

This post isn't about food triggers but there are plenty, hopefully soon I'd like to write a blogpost on some of the biggest but for today I will tell you that dairy (especially pasteurized)  is one of the biggest, Sodium benzoate (most packaged food, soda and many more), Sodium nitrate (virtually every single packaged meat), and MSG ( not least here either...there are 40 different names that they are legally allowed to call it on your packaging that are not MSG so how do you know?).

Not food related, but throw away your acetaminophen ( and all medications containing it) and never buy it again and if you take nothing else from this I hope that one stays with you.

Many people who suffer with not only seasonal allergies but also COPD, Emphysema, Asthma, Bronchial infection or issues, Upper respiratory infections, and more have found great relief from this formula and I am so very glad to share it with everyone. 

This from one of our customers* 

"How refreshing to not only find a product that works so amazingly well but actually helps long term so that I need less and less of it. I don't think I have ever seen a business model where they help you to eventually NOT need their product or anyone else's. I have told everyone I know about how it has helped me. I will definitely be ordering the big bottle from now on. Thank you”

and another 

“ I have been giving this to my daughter for a month, and she is now completely free of the prescriptions she’s been taking for 10 years!!”

and one more

“This works better for me than Benadryl, and after taking it a while, I don’t need it as often!”


To read and learn more about ingredients, usage and customer testimonials click here

Some of our customers with copd or ex smokers often use this and our Breathe Easier Tonic. Click to learn more about what’s in it and their benefits.

if you don’t need medication with toxic ingredients and dangerous side effects, why take it?

If you or your child take allergy medications whether RX or OTC it might be time to reevaluate, and I hope the information I have given you today has caused many to stop and do just that.

Question everything.  

Berry Good Thoughts




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