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Stop the madness

The things I’ve learned about over the counter meds are really disheartening, downright disturbing  and anger me to no end. Dangerous medicines deemed safe for our children by the fraud and deception association infuriate me most of all. Our babies and our children have only us to protect them. We need to wake up and realize that organizations we think are protecting them and us, aren’t.

Show of hands, how many of us have a bottle of Pepto in the fridge? ( not me, we don’t do otc anything) How many of us give it without thought to their child when tummy aches arise? How many of us grew up from as far back as they can remember knowing that the pink stuff was perfectly harmless to dole out ??

Are you aware that bismuth is metal? Do you know that it’s side effects are the same things you’re trying to treat? Do you know that other side effects include seizures?? Or that Bismuth is one of those metals suspected to reduce sperm metabolism and contribute to infertility in men? Or that if your child is just overcoming chicken pox and you give them pepto or medicines containing bismuth subsalicylate it may cause Reye’s syndrom?
So though many people will tell you that bismuth is nontoxic in small amounts, sufficient exposure can cause nausea, diarrhea, headache and pain.
According to a separate study in the Department of Physiology at the University of Tubingen in Germany, anemia is another potential side effect.
When Hippocrates said “First do no harm” THIS is what he meant. Why do we insist on putting so much faith in our failing (except for their profits) medical system. The one where medicines offered ( and deemed SAFE) and suggested are potentially ( and most often) much worse than what you’re trying to treat, and may often cause potential long term harm. There’s always a price to pay when we use a chemical to stop a symptom instead of use something (or nothing) to support normal body processes!
The things we automatically reach for in our day to day lives, nsaids, PEPTO, antacids, cold meds, allergy meds, anti diarreahal meds. are all contributing greatly to our overall health. think hard and long before picking up those meds. There ARE alternatives that are as or more effective without the nasty potential side effects. I know because I use them and make them. 


I know that the worst feeling in the world (and often the scariest) for any parent is when your child is sick, I completely understand that we just want to make them feel better, but most of what we’ve been taught to do in those cases, just fight the body’s natural healing process at best and cause lasting harm and even worse. It always baffles me that many do not read my product labels after ordering from a complete stranger online, it scares the heck out of me because it tells me that they aren’t reading other labels! Read labels and then find out what they mean!! 

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