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Sticking to my healthy diet just became easy!

    We, my family and I have been on this journey for a long time. Years of education and personal research have helped paint a pretty clear picture of how to stay healthy and avoid disease but we still struggle with applying everything we've learned to our daily lives.

    If you want to lose weight, stay healthy and avoid disease then it all comes down to chemistry. Health and well being for the entire body requires that all biological systems and their respective organs, function properly. Organs are made from various types of tissue formations comprised of trillions of individual cells. You are a body of cells. Proper cell function requires proper cell chemistry. Cell chemistry is dependent on blood supply chemistry and blood chemistry is 100% controlled by diet. Food chemistry by far is the most important factor in all healthy endeavors and all disease treatments and prevention.

    For years we juggled the various Macro nutrient diets (protein, fat and carbohydrate) before understanding that all the answers we had been seeking were in the micro nutrients. The micro nutrient food chemistry needed to create healthy blood chemistry is most abundant in fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The micro nutrient density is highest in these foods when they are consumed raw in their natural state.

    In the end it all comes down to a constant cell chemistry battle between nutrients and toxins. If your food, blood and cell chemistry is high in all the essential nutrients and low in any toxins then all cells, tissue, organs and biological systems will perform almost flawlessly and you will experience near perfect health and an illness proof immune system. On the other hand if your food, blood and cell chemistry is high in poisonous toxins and low in nutrients, then cells, tissue and organs will malfunction, biological systems will falter, your quality of life will suffer and you will become very susceptible to the over 12,000 diseases named by the modern medical world. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are not unfortunate happenings mandated by family genetics. They are predictable, preventable, cause and effect tragedies, manifested by deficiency and toxicity.

    When you get sick and go see a doctor it is because you are losing the chemistry battle and your blood supply is too toxic. Most doctors go to chemical medical school so they are trained to diagnose symptoms and prescribe pharmaceuticals. Most pharmaceuticals are chemical messengers that lie to the body, provide temporary relief from symptoms and add to an overall toxic overload. Side effects, more pills and more toxicity often lead to a perpetual downward spiral of health, energy, mobility and joy.

    I have always enjoyed cooking and my husband claims that I am a fantastic chef. Getting all the man made toxins (pesticides, herbicides, chemical additives and preservatives) out of our diet was fairly easy. Getting rid of a life time of misguided eating habits proved to be more difficult. Our ongoing study and research revealed that almost all of our favorite foods (even when prepared with natural organic ingredients) were adding to our toxicity and not helping with our blood chemistry nutrient density.

> Processed sugar in all of it's forms leads to a sugar regulation problem that causes inflammation, obesity and diabetes.
> Grains and bread turn into sugar as soon as you eat them (same problem as above).
> Milk and dairy causes digestive issues, extreme inflammation and leads to hormone disruption and imbalance.
> Cooked meat consumption leads to obesity, heart disease and cancer.
> The cooking of any food item destroys nutrients and introduces toxins through chemical reactions.
>> Raw, organic fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds are the answers to weight loss, optimal health, disease prevention and longevity.<<

    Temporarily we could completely eliminate sugar, grains, bread, dairy, meat and cooking from our diets but meal planning and shopping would immediately become a struggle. In recurring moments of frustration and weakness we would go off track and find ourselves mired in our own habitual unhealthy but tasty eating habits. As my husband and I struggled to stay "on track" my "picky eater" child became more and more addicted to the foods that we ate when we were "off track".

    In nature, most herbivores eat and enjoy food as they find it. In a perfect world we humans would have a variety of fruits, berries, veggies, nuts and seeds all abundantly growing in the back yard. No need to plan and prep, no need for a refrigerator, just pick and eat what you want when you want. While that is one of our future goals, we are not there yet so most of the food our family eats still comes from the local grocery store. Keeping the refrigerator stocked with a healthy, interesting variety of produce without some of it going bad took much focus and determination. Buying a juicer and having veggie juices ready to grab and go was a great addition to our eating repertoire but it still required a good deal of prep work and scheduling. (Through all of our struggles with yo-yo nutrition it became abundantly clear to us that when we ate good we felt great, when we ate bad we felt weak, tired, cranky and easily frustrated).

    I knew what we should eat, I knew what we shouldn't but it took precise meal planning, shopping and prep work to pull it off. In a world where we are surrounded with poisonous food choices and burdened with busy schedules and constant distractions it was way easier to go off track than it was to consistently stay on track, until now....

    Most of you know that I started and operate "The Berry Good Elixir Company" and that all of our supplements and ingredients are organic. As the herbalist, a big part of my job is scouring the market place for hard to find and trustworthy organic herbs. I'm good at it, it's what I do for a living.

    With all that being said, whenever I have tried to source organic, pre-made juices or smoothies in the past, I have been terribly disappointed. Short cuts, fillers, processing and non-organic ingredient were the norm.

    Most recently we were "off track" again for most of last fall. I even came down with a terrible cold around New Years, something that no one in our family has done for years now. We have a saying around our house "If you're not purposely doing the right thing then you're probably accidentally doing the wrong thing." After beating ourselves up for a little while, my husband and I both agreed that it was time to get back "on track" again.

    Just saying the words "let's get back on track" gave me little pangs of anxiety as I remembered and relived all of our past struggles that I listed above. When you enter a challenge with the same plan that you failed at last time, it can be a bit discouraging to say the least. I needed a better plan or at least a different plan to get excited about and give me confidence. Once again I began scouring the organic marketplace looking for more convenience, less prep time and reliable sourcing. After about ten different companies disappointed me I finally found what I was looking for.

    I found a couple companies offering mostly organic but either the lack of variety or the processing left me looking elsewhere. When I stumbled on Raw Juicery I got excited but figured I'd end up disappointed again. After 2 hours pouring through their site I was over the moon excited. Every ingredient sourced implicitly for pristine quality and the variety left me speechless. I am a huge fan of juicing and have been for about 7 years now but I am also a huge fan of "blending" and they both have their places and for the most part everyone should be doing a bit of both every day.

So when I found the next company I knew I had solved our roller coaster struggle. Smoothie Box provides 5 options of flash frozen, amazing, organic and balanced smoothies in bags ready to blend. On their own mixed with just water they're great, but they're super versatile and generally we use them in combination with these cold pressed juices to make a powerful super smoothie to feed our machines on a cellular level.

The #1 rule of blending OR juicing is to first blend or juice for nutrient value, #2, for taste. These 2 options have made doing the right thing for our health every single day, EASY. Other additions are optional, whether it be more veggies, berries, seeds, green powders or a banana, many things can offer variety and additional nutrients or vary the taste slightly. Do not get caught up in the trap of using too many nut milks, nut butters or "natural sweeteners" like maple syrup or honey. Instead think whole food (not processed or extracted sugar or sweetener) and if you must sweeten it up more go with a bit more fruit or berries or a whole date chopped. Just like adding nut milks adds way more fat and calories (not to mention nuts) than anyone should be consuming in a day never mind a smoothie in one sitting, This is a trap that many are sucked into and then are confused when health isn't regained as it should be and weight isn't being lost as expected.

    I now can continue to run our ever growing company, help people one on one and collectively AND make 100% certain that my own family's health and health goals don't ever suffer again from lack of time or preparation. It literally has answered all my day to day "what am I going to feed my family today" issues. No prep time, takes 3 minutes to blend a smoothie or 60 seconds to grab and crack a juice on the run. Never am I out and away from home without options as long as I plan and bring one. No saying hey let's get pizza because were away from home and can't find healthy options.

    Our "picky eater" teen has reluctantly gone along with our "re-boot" because he wants us to stay healthy and he wants to lose a few pounds himself. I couldn't be more proud of him this month as he went from complaining about the first smoothie, helping with the second one and making the third one by himself. This week he has made all of his own smoothies (experimenting with different juice/smoothie bag combinations) and even cleaned up after himself each time. Yes smoothies are miracle workers!

    For more information on these juices which have literally changed our lives click here.

    At this time we cannot ship the frozen organic smoothie bags but they will soon be available to purchase at Mainely Mercantile in Bangor. Anyone CAN get a subscription box direct from the company if they choose. Click here  to see ingredients and or to order your own subscription (not an affiliate link I just love them so much and think everyone should have access to them).



If you want to be healthy you have to remember that BE is a verb and these are the actions you can take immediately to take control of your health AND your illness. Food and cellular nutrition is always the answer, no matter what the question is.

Berry Good Thoughts


  • Loved reading your blog. I, along with my wife, has been on a health journey as well, and we make a lot of smoothies. We have looked into juicing, but it’s pricey. I’ve had to reprogram my body and mind from years of bad eating. It can be tough and expensive. Thanks for the information. Appreciate it and enjoy the elixirs that I have purchased from your company thus far.

    Darrell Lark
  • Well written!! And I can not wait to try these!


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