RDA’s: The allowance that won’t pay the bills.

So what are RDA’s?
Well in a nutshell, they’re the opinion of the government, regarding the daily amount of various essential vitamin and minerals that are “estimated to exceed the (nutritional) requirements of most individuals.” HA
What that really means, is that the RDAs are intended to minimize the risk of severe, disease-causing nutritional deficiencies and nothing more. In no way do they ensure optimum health. The RDAs are not designed to cover nutritional needs that may be elevated as a result of disease, stress or the chronic consumption of toxic “food” or the use of pharmaceutical drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Such conditions require specific individual attention. Also RDAs do not take into account losses of nutrients that occur greatly especially now, during food storage and preparation as well as the depletion of our soil and the soil build up over time of hundreds of toxic chemicals.

Every single person has (at least slightly) individualized nutritional needs, which as a rule can vary somewhat day to day based on stress, physical activity (or lack thereof) and diet. Almost everything we come in contact with today acts as as nutrient antagonists (destroyers and depleters... Dementors???).


In terms of everyday life, the USDA Nationwide Food Consumption Survey showed that on a typical day 7-8% of people ate green or yellow vegetables, 2 primary sources of vitamins A, C and Thiamine. So if you consume sugar in any form (that’s another book) it horribly depletes Thiamine (and every other substance that’s good in the body).

So what else plays a part in this great vitamin massacre?



Food processing & Additives are the biggest vitamin bandits. Looking at the picture shows just how much is instantly lost from a fresh vegetable to canning one.
Now add “additives” (see what I did there). Just talking about 1 EDTA (most never hear of) a chemical preservative frequently used in canned or commercially processed foods, is a heavy duty IRON blocker, so are phosphates which are frequently used in soda, ice cream, candy, beer and baked goods. Skip the baked goods (all of them) that are fortified with Iron, they’re useless (harmful in fact with all the Bromine and plenty of other crap) and have very little to no biological activity.
There are currently well over 3000 chemicals used to make, process and package the foods we eat, are we starting to see the problem yet?
My point and my goal is to help shift EVERYONE’S mind to a place of understanding and believing that what you think of as FOOD isn’t.
Just because a food SAYS it contains a certain amount of something, also doesn’t guarantee its veracity. For example, for years it was believed that a 6 oz serving of pork loin delivered 5.4 mg of Iron, but they later confirmed (USDA) that it really only contains 1.62 mg (so like 70% less than they were telling everyone). They did the same with beef with it containing over 20% less than previously stated. No one really knows if they did their math wrong or if our animals are also becoming horrifically vitamin deficient (I’ll leave you to your own conclusion here) but the point is, our EXPERTS aren’t always so expert and your health is your responsibility, don’t leave it in the hands of the ones making and selling the “food”

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