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HOW do Elderberries stop viruses from getting into your healthy cells and replicating?

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Elderberries, They're all the rage these days.

Though Hippocrates described them as his "medicine chest" hundreds of years ago, it seems people are just being introduced to them as the new greatest thing, as more and more people seek out more natural healing herbs to fight illness and provide immune system support.. 

Everywhere you look, someone is recommending Elderberries. There are gummies, extracts, syrups, lozenges and of course Elixirs 😉. With some of the articles one would start to wonder if they were a magical berry, capable of magically making illness virtually  disappear. With this article, I hope to remove some of the "hocus pocus" from the equation.

You can find tens of thousands of articles on the web about the benefits of Elderberries on the immune system, and a number of other systems.

One of the things I have told thousands of people the last few years is that Elderberries can actually stop viruses from entering your healthy cells and thus stop them from replicating!  Sounds good to me ( sign me up!), but if you're like I am, you want to know HOW they do that. 


So here's some information you probably haven't read. The above picture is a picture of a virus and I want to focus on the spiky looking things on the outside, These are called Peplomers (glycoprotein spikes on viruses).

Viruses are very tricky and being obligate intracellular parasites (meaning they have to get into your cells to live and to replicate) I want to know how they get in and if there's a way to stop them.

So back to the spikes.

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Glycoproteins help viruses avoid your immune system. They (those little spiny things on the surface of the virus) also serve to identify, bind and enter receptor sites on your healthy cells.Their main function being, to attach the virus to receptors on your cell and to infiltrate the cell with their own RNA, and then replicate by the millions.

A recent study by a group of Chemical and Biomlolecular Engineering researchers from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering and IT has determined exactly how this ancient remedy, stops the invasion and replication of viruses.

Conducted by Professor Fariba Deghani, Dr Golnoosh Torabian and Dr Peter Valtchev as part of the ARC Training Centre for the Australian Food Processing Industry, the study showed that compounds from elderberries (anthocyanin and quercetin to name just a couple) can directly inhibit the virus' entry and replication in human cells, and can help strengthen a person's immune response to the virus.

Anthocyanins and Quercetin ( Both found in abundance in Elderberries)  actually block these glycoproteins from forming and literally help "smooth the edges" of these spiky viruses, rendering them unable to invade your healthy cells and replicate.


The study also revealed that elderberry phytochemicals stimulated infected cells to release cytokines, a class of chemical messengers the immune system uses for communication between different cell types to aid in coordinating a more efficient response against the invading pathogen. Meaning they tag the virus so that your immune system can quickly recognize and eliminate it.

Elderberry Elixir by The Berry Good Elixir Company is worlds above the rest with the addition of Shikimic Acid by way of Eastern White Pine, making it a synergistic powerhouse against viruses. Studies have shown that when Shikimic acid is combined with quercetin in Elderberries, it has an amplified effect on the immune system response (more than 5x).

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Elderberries have long been used for their antioxidant activity to lower cholesterol, improve vision, boost the immune system, improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu ...are antiviral, anti inflammatory, antihistamine as well as anti bacterial. so maybe the "father of medicine" was right after all.

Elderberries have a HOST of benefits and who doesn't need a little magic in their lives?

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Berry Good Thoughts


  • Our whole family takes elderberry daily and it has decreased not only how often we get sick but the duration when we do pick up something. Highly recommend this to all!

    Angela Tinkham
  • Love Berry Good Elixir companies elderberry elixir ,I get my grandson every Friday night,for a visit.Sometimes he comes a little sniffly, by Sunday when he goes home the sniffles are gone !! And the bonus….he loves the taste,and gives me no problem taking it !! Thank You Charity!!

    Dyann Fancher
  • Love, Love my Elderberry!! 2x daily everyday!!!

    Lori A LHeureux
  • Several years ago a little lady Arkansas was teaching us about using herbs and plants and she said cancer cannot enter a healthy cell, it has to enter damaged cell. So probably same for virus.

    Marilyn McDaniel
  • We absolutely love this Elderberry! We will be customers for life!

    Missy Jepson

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