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Why weight loss is not your goal

Ok so my inbox gets filled almost daily with questions. Some messages about products, but inevitably twice as many or more about weight loss. I’ve been meaning to post about this lately but what spurred me today was a conversation I had with someone. It was someone that someone ELSE (that knows me) had told to contact me. When I met her, the first thing she did was roll her eyes ( I kid you not) and say “what the hell would YOU know about weight loss??” “What do you even know about the struggle?”

Well first I was slightly put off because really, an oh nice to meet you thanks for agreeing to meet with me at your home (at no cost) would’ve been my response but hey we’re all different I guess.. but I digress.

We have the weight thing completely backwards first of all. Let’s address her comments first. No I have no issues any longer with weight. I don’t obsess over it (it doesn’t even enter my mind)I no longer cringe when I have to try to look nice, or wonder any longer if my pants are going to fit.. no more trying on 5 pairs in a row and hating myself with each change. I didn’t always weigh what I weigh now (well not since my teens n early 20s). As a matter of fact 8 years ago I weighed 60 lbs more ( a lot on a 5’2” frame) and 5 years ago 40 lbs more.. since that time I’ve hovered at 105-110 lbs. I’m 5”2 and turned 44 years old this past July. I do not run (unless it’s after a chicken.. which usually I’m smart enough to remember that they run faster than I do). I do not do Zumba, yoga (although I play with it occasionally) , aerobics or weight train.. I know I should do these things but I don’t. I run a small farm and I’m very active ( I never hold still lol) but I rarely exercise on purpose (this is not a good idea so please don’t think I’m endorsing it). I go for bike rides with my son but not every day.. my (very long n dragged out ) point is that although exercise is very important , movement counts. My biggest point is that weight is a SYMPTOM of illness. Of disease. It’s a symptom and the goal is to fix your body’s SYSTEMS that are completely failing you! What I did over a couple years time was, to completely heal my digestive system. It now works properly. Eating REAL food is the start. Toss anything (and never buy again) that says fat free, low fat,sugar free, light, etc to start. There are excellent supplements to help heal those systems but if you continue to poison your body you will always be fat and you will always be sick. That is an unchangeable fact. If you heal those systems you will lose the weight permanently. That is also a fact. Not only will you lose it but in time you won’t even think about it! I don’t care what your “genes” say, or if your mother,father, sister, cousin n whole darn family is sick and fat and always has been. If you do what I say that will change. It has to.
Another problem is our society has made weight a SOCIAL issue.. an acceptance / tolerance issue. It makes me irate that it isn’t addressed as THE MAJOR HEALTH ISSUE that it is. It’s not about body image it’s about our children having diabetes and heart disease .. because they are being fed poison. I’m sorry if my choice of words offends you. This is a very hot topic for me. It’s not about how you look it’s about that WE ARE disease ridden in this nation. Our FAT is literally killing us. We’ve been fed so many lies about what causes the fat and disease. It’s a ridiculously confusing subject for most. You try so hard to do what you’ve been taught and it’s wrong amd heartbreaking because it doesn’t work.
A friend used to say (Ican’t remember the original quote or who said it) if you want what someone has, do what they do..
So why is it that people who want my help with weight loss are so put off my lack of a weight “issue”??

I OBVIOUSLY know how to achieve the goal they have??
The goal is health... not weight loss... weight gain is a SYMPTOM of the PROBLEM not the problem..Address the real issues and the SYMPTOM disappears.. and so does hypertension, diabetes, pain, autoimmune (yes I said it) oxidized cholesterol issues, high blood pressure etc..ALL of these things can be reversed with diet. I don’t care how many doctors in your past told you differently. They’re wrong .
Stop listening to people who don’t have what it is that you want. If they don’t have it, HOW are they going to show YOU how to get it??

Berry Good Thoughts 


  • ♥️ your message Charity! This was such a well written article. Agree 100%.

    Rebecca Coffin
  • I met you at the craft fair in Augusta. I could tell you are passionate about what you do! I enjoyed spending a few minutes talking to you about your products. You inspired me to even do better health wise. I did purchase a Berry Good 2oz. bottle to help with my gut issues. I am excited about noticing positive changes to my health conscious self. By the end of this month, I feel I will know more about how this product is making a good change for my health. Thank you for your abundant knowledge on taking control of our own health. It is so nice to see someone live what they love, share their enthusiasm and expertise about the most important wealth on earth-OUR HEALTH! Thank you, Charity.

    Beatrice Scheid
  • Thank you for sharing this. You are a wealth of knowledge and enjoy hearing what you have to say. I want to heal myself from the inside out. I know I have made small changes. Though this is not enough for me. There is so much more that I must do. I will get there. I am looking forward to your class coming up when they start. I have hopes to be able to attend it. Any thoughts on taping it if people cannot attend? It a PODcast of sorts.


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