Why Does EVERYONE have high blood pressure these days?

Ok I get a lot of people ask me how to correct (treat or get rid of are the  words I hear) high blood pressure.. like at least 3-5 a week . It is one of the most feared and common phrases heard and repeated in today's population. It can be explained in much more complex terms than this, but in a nutshell this gives you an idea of what elevated blood pressure signifies (remember, not to  shoot the messenger before you know what he's saying. )


Here’s the thing about blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is NOT the problem, it’s the INDICATOR OF a problem. Higher blood pressure is your amazing body’s healing mechanisms at work trying to adapt to all the abuse we’ve given it and the consequences. OXYGEN is carried through the blood to each of your trillions and trillions of cells (to keep you alive). When those arteries narrow from built up plaque and oxidation and arterial walls weaken and slump instead of being firm and strong....the arterial walls get brittle and inflexible instead of pliable, and lose elasticity, much less blood is able to travel through them (hence way less oxygen reaching your trillions of cells).

In it's infinite wisdom, your body adapts to save your life by pumping you heart a little faster to push your blood harder through those vessels in order to get your cells the amount of oxygen they need to NOT DIE....blood pressure is an indicator of other issues that need correcting (and it’s important because your heart is now working harder than it has to or should be). Hence the reason blood pressure lowering prescriptions come with warnings of stroke or kidney failure as a possible side effects.The pill they give you to lower that number (on paper...shooting the messenger) poisons your kidneys and slows your heart. If you chemically reduce the blood’s pressure, you force your body into the situation of once again not getting the oxygen required by the cells to live.. In other words,  you are FIGHTING your body and poisoning other systems simultaneously, instead of healing or helping anything ever, Ask WHY not what. 


There are thousands of years of written history regarding the use of very specific herbs for the underlying causes of increased blood pressure.


We use them and others in our Berry Good Blood Pressure Support. Herbs shown collectively to dilate blood vessels, act on calcium channels in the cell, increase nitric oxide, cause blood vessels to relax, dissolve plaque buildup, stop clots, strengthen walls of heart,increase blood circulation, relax muscles surrounding blood vessels, provide outstanding restoration of heart function, lower oxidized ldl and blood serum cholesterol, relax arteries and veins and nervous tension. Strengthen arterial walls restore elasticity to vessels. If you’re looking for better alternatives research the herbs in our Blood Pressure Support and address the underlying causes in your diet and lifestyle .

Berry Good Thoughts


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