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Stop trying to eradicate this invasive species and USE it instead

Ok let's talk about an astounding "invasive species" Special ingredient #2 in our new Fire 🔥 Tonic (not in order of importance or greatness), Japanese Knotweed.


Japanese Knotweed is an amazing plant and as tenacious as they get. While horticulturists have declared war on it's spread, people like me are celebrating!

Japanese Knotweed is super high in Resveratrol but what makes it even more special than grapes and grape seeds is that its super high in what is called Trans-resverartol which is the form best absorbed and utilized by the body. While Red grapes are high in Resveratrol, it must first be converted by the body into trans-resveratrol in order to be utilized. Japanese Knotweed contains mostly Trans-Resveratrol making it THE preferred source.
There are many incredible benefits this plant offers but the Trans-Resveratrol content makes this a powerhouse against #1 cognitive decline and damage and a preventive that EVERYONE should be getting. Resveratrol has shown a high measurable preventative effect against the neurodegenerative process that affects neural pathways. Just as antioxidants can eliminate plaque and neutralize free radicals that can slow mental function and cause deterioration. Resveratrol keeps brain pathways energized to prevent decline and damage.


Some other amazing benefits that Resveratrol has in the body is its ability to counter Cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure,Gastrointestinal issues, and affords chemoprotective and therapeutic effects against cancer!
But Wait there's MORE
It's amazing abilities against Lyme disease and it's coinfections are finally becoming more common knowledge!
It enhances and modulates immune function, is active against a number of bacteria and is anti inflammatory for both bacterial and arthritic inflammations, protects the body against endotoxin damage and is a cardiovascular protector...making it perfect against Lyme AND its coinfections.
It's constituents cross the blood brain barrier where they exert actions on the central nervous system. It's antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, as protectants against oxidative and microbial damage, and as calming agents. It specifically protects the brain from inflammatory damage, microbial endotoxins and bacterial infections. Knotweed enhances blood flow especially to the eye, heart, skin and joints making it vitally useful to kill the spirochetes in hard to reach areas.

And those are just some of the reasons I've included Japanese Knotweed in our Fire Tonic. This is truly a once or twice a day (every single day) health restorative tonic! If you haven;t heard of it yet click here to learn more

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