Stand up! If we sit down now all is lost!


Very big changes happening for The Berry Good Elixir Company and our family! We’re moving to KY ! We will miss everyone here in Maine so much but it’s time for us to make some changes. We’re very unhappy and very concerned with so many of our freedoms being yanked out from under us. As long as we have states that don’t , we can’t live in a state that thinks it’s ok to remove our God given rights to medical freedom. There’s no one on earth that should be told by the government that they have to inject anything into their body or that of their child for any reason , removing choice is a terrifying slippery slope! Especially when the makers of said injections hold 0 accountability when things go wrong. Theres also legislation that will nullify my certifications and make it illegal for anyone to recommend eating an apple over a bag of chips without a dietitians license, in this state.
Most of you don’t know the story of how we moved to Greenbush almost 10 years ago now, when my son was 6 months old. We bought 140 acres of empty land, packed everything we could in a huge Uhaul n arrived on the land in a tiny camper. My husband built a tiny cabin offgrid , that we lived in for 5 1/2 years ( flooding finally drove us out ).
We’re heading off on a similar adventure in just a few weeks! We found 10 acres of beautiful raw land in KY and are ready for the next adventure! To all of our local customers, we will miss seeing you in person, but we do ship and I’m always available by messenger or phone !! I will be right here as always and we are working to set up to make regular videos and I’m planning a video blog during our whole adventure that I very much hope you will join us on!!
More details soon.


Charity Berry 

Berry Good Thoughts

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