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“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

For 6000 years of recorded medical history, mankind’s primary medicine was food. If you were ill, your Doctor” would examine your diet and identify any deficiencies or poisons. Medicinal herbs were simply dietary items that addressed deficiency. For 6000 years this has been the philosophy of healthcare.

Suddenly, in the last hundred years, we are told to disregard the last 6000. Today when you’re sick, your Doctor  gives you a pill with a chemical compound that is foreign to your natural body. Seldom is deficiency or toxicity even a concern.

We eat unnatural foods with unnatural additives our whole lives, then when we get sick it’s blamed on our genetics (like Nature is the one who messed up). Chemo, radiation, pills, surgery and luck, that is our new philosophy for healthcare.

If you are overweight and in pain, if you are surviving on pharmaceuticals, if you are sick in any way at all, you might want to consider a different philosophy.

We are the greatest machines ever created and to think that we can “fuel” these machines with anything other than what they were designed to run on is the height of foolishness. You wouldn’t put anything other than gas in your car and expect it to run.. and those are temporary machines that break down and can just be replaced.. our bodies are breaking down at an alarming rate and cannot be replaced, the one you have is the one you’re stuck with!

They can however be repaired and restored beautifully, and that is done with food and only food.

The problem started when we allowed ourselves to be convinced that the current system was some big altruistic entity in place to keep us healthy and heal us,  instead of a for profit entity. They started the colleges, set the curriculum and created this obscenely large, fear based, all encompassing monopoly,completely  controlling disease management (profit management) yet no one is getting well.
The only way to effect change is to DO and BE change. The sole responsibility lies with us ( if it didn’t we’d have 0 power to change things). The human body was designed to heal itself... every single day. First step is learning how it all really works.. on a cellular level.. since we are made up of TRILLIONS of them!

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