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If you are a man or love a man, read on

More than three million men in the United States are diagnosed with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate every year. It is a commonly accepted belief in our medical system that this is an inevitable consequence of aging. Over 50% of men over the age of 50 are diagnosed and that number rises to 90% at age 85. Lets dig deep and see if we can learn some new information that might produce a different outcome.

First of all what is it? With BPH there is an abnormal overgrowth of prostate tissue which pushes against the urethra and the bladder, blocking the flow of urine.In some cases, it can lead to infection, bladder stones, and reduced kidney function. One-quarter of men with BPH (more than 350,000 a year in the United States alone) will eventually require treatment, some more than once, to relieve the urinary obstruction caused by BPH. Based on these figures, it’s likely that after age 60, a majority of men will either be taking medication for BPH or considering it.

Let's talk about these medications

BPH is treated with alpha blockers (medications that relax the muscles of the urinary sphincter), or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, (medications that shrink the volume of the prostate, by decreasing testosterone). One of the most common side effects of both medications prescribed for BPH is reduction of  sexual function ( loss of interest, impotence and abnormal ejaculation) and are major contributors of erectile dysfunction,(side note lowered testosterone is also linked with male pattern baldness and a number of other undesirable issues). The second most common treatment option is surgery, which also decreases sexual function dramatically and in some cases entirely. Do these sound like good options to you? That coupled with the exam involved with diagnosing it, is it any wonder that so many men just live with the discomfort, continually interrupted sleep and work days due to the excessive need to use the bathroom?

So the medical field says it happens due to hormone changes as you age. It's caused by hormone changes. Did you know that if you eat red meat your chances of having BPH triples? It's almost the same numbers with dairy and if you eat both the chances get higher. Coffee (all caffeine), and alcohol also contribute as they're diuretic and cause a more frequent need to urinate.

If you are a man, or love a man who wants better options to solve this annoying and sleep depriving condition read on...

Some of the most common herbs for men's hormone regulation and support that have been used for thousands of years in all corners of the world, are included in our Men's Daily with Prostate support.

Pygeum Bark, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto Berry, Turmeric and others have shown repeatedly to help prevent the hormonal changes which contribute to rapidly growing prostate cells, shrink the prostate naturally, regulate the urine stream, reduce the constant urge to go, reduce additional inflammation and regulate the hormones responsible for the overgrowth of prostate cells that cause BPH. If you are looking for better options and a better outcome, look no further than our Men's Daily with Prostate support. A blend of organic natural healing herbs that really work. Before you try surgery or medications with common side effects that cause undesirable results try our organic herbal supplement with PROVEN results, and get some sleep tonight!

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