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Disease is in your hands...as is HEALTH

In 2019  it's more vital than ever to know where our food is coming from. Obesity and disease are the norm and not the exception. Babies and toddlers are obese, they are also diseased at frighteningly young ages. We have to stop and ask ourselves why. Blaming it ALL on the old genetics argument no longer flies in light of all the studies proving that genes are turned off and on by environmental factors, stress and DIET. Here is something my nine year old said in response to some ( forgotten now) tidbit of nutritional knowledge I was imparting ( it kind of sounded like DUH MOM) " Well of course, food IS the body and brain's fuel Mom."

It's so simple, we've heard it all before right? Maybe we should actually stop and think about what that really means,
Record amounts and types of pesticides are being sprayed as more and more crops are being genetically modified to withstand a rapidly growing amount of poison. Behind these scenes, a great number of these large seed and chemical companies are merging, which spells control of America's food supply in the hands of those who only care about the bottom line.

Now let's look a what we're actually eating. Sugar by the ton, Hydrogenated fat by the truck load. Corn syrup, GMO corn, GMO soy, Coloring, MSG, chemical preservatives, highly questionably raised and grown meat...the list is endless. THIS is what makes up our "FOOD."
Here's the scoop. Disease isn't cured by a pill, Fat doesn't go away when you stop eating fat, Anxiety isn't an anti depressant deficiency, and a headache doesn't mean you're lacking in Advil or Tylenol. Food truly is the beginning or end of health. It is the most potent healer or most lethal enemy.
We are being systematically poisoned at every turn. The food ( termed loosely) we are marketed is poison. It is not a "bit of junk food." It's toxic, disease causing poison.
Health is a JOURNEY. It's a measurably difficult one, fraught with stone cold lies that are widely assumed to be facts. Difficulty level aside, it is one that must be undertaken to restore health. Disease IS the opposite of health. When you restore health to the body disease is replaced.  It’s really time to wake up and do a 180* turn. It’s time to do differently so that we can feel and live differently.. every single symptom you have Good or bad is DIRECTLY and solely linked to food. EVERY SINGLE ONE. You can tell me even that you don’t eat “junk” ( so many don’t even know 1/2 of what’s in their food) but even if that’s 💯 % true, are you feeding your machine hi-test?? Are you giving it any of what it needs to thrive on?? This is your vehicle for the rest of your life! Do you want to spend half of your life in a broken down nonfunctioning pain-filled vehicle, one in which mobility is limited or nonexistent??? Do you want to be short of breath and not be able to enjoy your grandchildren or even your children?? It is time to do differently!!!! The only way you can expect different results is if you change the path that you are on.
I’ve said it before(a number of times) And I’ll say it again feeding your child poison (even a little bit) is not a treat... Dunkin’ Donuts is not a treat... McDonald’s is not a treat ...boxes of corn syrup and corn and hormone disrupting soy and artificial flavors and colors and preservatives and anti-freeze is not a treat
Teaching them to enjoy real food and understanding of how this miraculous machine we live inside works n functions and thrives is the only way to break this cycle. Amazing health, strength, vitality and wellness. Those are treats.. and too rare these days

Berry Good Thoughts...


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